How to get in touch with us

If you wish to send us a message, please send an Pickwicks mailing list

The Pickwicks English Club uses a free e-mail service ( as an electronic bulletin board for distributing messages related to the Pickwicks Club community such as

  • programme updates, changes, etc
  • announcements for ad-hoc events,
  • other events for the English-speaking community in and around Frankfurt,
  • weekly meeting venue for the Frankfurt branch.

List members can send messages to everyone else on the list.
These postings should conform to the general rules of the list.
This list is moderated, i.e. postings have to be approved before they are distributed.

To learn more about the Pickwicks mailing list and view the available messages online, please visit:

To subscribe, just send a blank e-mail to

After your membership (to that mailing list, not to the Pickwicks Club!) has been approved you can start sending messages to members of this list.

And if you do not wish to belong to the Pickwicks mailing list any longer, you may unsubscribe at any moment by following the “Unsubscribe” instructions at the bottom of every group email.

Committee Members: