AGM and new Committee

On Wednesday 8 March 2023 the Pickwicks Club held its first Annual General Meeting after the suspension of activities during the Covid pandemic. Around 20 members attended, with a few participating remotely via Zoom link.

Acting Treasurer Sally Price led the meeting and gave a report on the activities and the status of the Club since its last AGM in March 2020 (after which meetings and activities were halted/curtailed by the Covid pandemic and resulting restrictions). Regular meetings had taken place via Zoom, and some online quizzes had also been organised.

A resumé of the reduced number of events was given, with thanks to the various people involved in organising them. In 2022, three Committee members resigned (Rob Lederman, Chet Kelley and Valeria Duru), and Treasurer Ralph Price died, leaving a seriously weakened Committee. Member Paolo Esposito was approached and with his agreement was co-opted onto the Committee. Committee member Sally Lamm agreed to take over as Acting Treasurer.

Sally then delivered the Acting Treasurer’s report. The Pickwicks books were audited on 18 February 2023 by members Joe Turney and Brigitte Neugebauer and found to be correct and in order. An overview was given of expenditure and income since March 2020, with thanks expressed to the late Treasurer’s brother, Malcolm Price, for a generous donation to the club. Appreciation for all that the late Treasurer had done for the club was also expressed by all present.

The meeting approved the Committee’s actions over the past three years as well as the actions of the late Treasurer and the Acting Treasurer.

In view of the increasing age of most club members and a different situation post-pandemic, it was decided to focus more in future on regular weekly meetings, with as many weekend activities as the Committee and members now feel able to offer but on a smaller scale than in previous years. To this end, the Committee intends to revise and simplify the Statutes and submit them to the membership for approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting later in the year. The meeting gave its approval for the Committee to do this.

The following members were elected to the new Committee:

  • Rosemary Clegg
  • Valeria Duru
  • Paolo Esposito
  • Heide Großmann
  • Sally Lamm
  • Thomas Mechau

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