Author: Chet Kelley

  • Christmas Dinner 2021

    Pickwicks’ Christmas Dinner on Saturday, 11th December was an enjoyable event, “klein aber fein”. 12 members gathered at the Darmstädter Hof to celebrate Christmas. We had a small, private room […]

  • Hike from Höchst (Odenwald) to Veste Otzberg organised by Ralph, led by Reinhold.

    On the 16th of October we started a wonderful hike in bright sunshine and bearable temparatures. After 2 hours and 6 kilometers walked, we took a rest and lunch outside. […]


    FEATS, the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, which was visited by Pickwicks groups regularly in pre-Covid times, but had to be cancelled altogether last year, is taking place in 2021 in a very reduced, […]

  • Darmstadt Walk was a success!

     This past Sunday, March 14th Pickwicks members, lead by Rheinhold, enjoyed a hike over 5 hills from the Darmstadt Ostbahnhof to Darmstadt-Eberstadt. The total distance to walk was 13.5km. They […]

  • Suspension of Pickwicks during the Coronavirus crises

    In line with official recommendations that all social contact be reduced to a minimum to help contain/delay the spread of the Coronavirus, we are now suspending our Wednesday meetings and […]

  • Easter Crafting Event is Cancelled

    In light of the current Coronavirus situation, the Easter crafting event has been cancelled. We will reschedule another crafting event for some time in the future.

  • UK Citizens Rights under the current DRAFT Withdrawal Bill

    The following article was published on the German English Association’s website. We thought it would also be of interest to some Pickwickians and so we have reposted it here. The […]

  • Christmas Music Concert on 13 December

    Hello All, you may have noticed that the Christmas Music concert scheduled for 13 December has been removed from the programme. Unfortunately, when Sally attempted to purchase the tickets she […]

  • Van Gogh Tour

    A short message from Rosemary: I would prefer to postpone this visit until December 7. Please contact me in case you already have a ticket: The exhibition is far too crowded.

  • 2 Event Cancellations

    Hello Pickwickians, Perhaps you have noticed that there are 2 less theater events in our programme. The committee has learned that WELT’s “The Drummer Boy” and FEST’s “Who’s Afraid of […]