Hike from Höchst (Odenwald) to Veste Otzberg organised by Ralph, led by Reinhold.

On the 16th of October we started a wonderful hike in bright sunshine and bearable temparatures.

After 2 hours and 6 kilometers walked, we took a rest and lunch outside. Really enjoyable and the whole group of 13 was in a good mood.


After the meal, the hikers felt strong enough to climb up to the „Veste Otzberg“ a medieval castle built on a prehistoric volcano, partly  well restored. We enjoyed the bright scenery and the remains of the castle that included the tower, palace, wellhouse, gatehouse, officers‘ building, etc.


Later, we went down to the train station and caught the last direct train back to Frankfurt only because the engineer was so friendly. He was about to leave, but waited extra for the arriving group. That’s what he did, until finally the tail end of our group got into the wagon. What a lucky day that was, ending at 4:45 p.m. at Frankfurt Central Station.

Thanks to Ralph’s organization of the transfer, the round trip cost only €5 per person. ?


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